Chrysalis Photo Album

Chrysalis 2013: Walking Wet

We explored and experienced our Christian identity as created and formed in Holy Baptism. The movement for the weekend was one from death to resurrection: through water and word…and walking new into the world...walking wet!

Chrysalis 2014: Breaking and Entering

Breaking and Entering invites us to consider the walls and boundaries in the world and our lives. Jesus was all about breaking through the barriers that we put up to separate “us” from “them” and entering into relationships with the “other.” How are we called to aid and abet in this Kingdom work?

Chrysalis 2012: Radical*

We explored how to live our lives as Christians radical in our faith, love and life through three different definitions of the word ‘radical’ – (1) basic, rooted; (2) extreme; and (3) effecting change, reforming.

Chrysalis 2011: Walk This Way

This weekend, we looked at what it means to learn and live practices of the Christian faith through seven common practices identified by the ELCA as key to model and nurture: prayer, study, worship, invitation, encouragement, service, and giving.

Chrysalis 2010: Stir Up

Through this theme, based on the Advent collects, we asked God to STIR UP God’s power to STIR UP our hearts so God’s people are STIRred UP and we can go out and STIR UP the world.

Chrysalis 2009: Open

With the theme \"Open\" we seek to: Open Our Eyes to see each other in this new community we\'re forming; Open Our Minds to see brokenness and sin in the world; Open Our Hearts to see God in the midst of brokenness, suffering, and pain; and Open Our Hands to serve in the name Christ.

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