Shekinah Photo Album

Shekinah 2015: BCOG

Our theme challenged us to look at identity – how do we see ourselves, how do others see us, and how does God see us – and to explore what it means to be a beloved and baptized child of God.

Shekinah 2014: Crazy Grace

With grace there are no rules and there is no catch. Grace is unconditional, unexpected, undeserved, unearned, and unfair! There is nothing we can do to make God love us anymore….or any less. Through God’s love, we receive God’s grace, which is free for the taking.

Shekinah 2013: Katartizo

Focusing on Acts 2: 42-47, we explored how to prepare ourselves for a life of faith using the concept of katartizo: to equip; to prepare; to complete; to fully train; to make one what one ought to be.

Shekinah 2012: Imago Dei

In this event, we explore with our youth their evolving identities in the context of their life as a Christian, primarily as a child of God created in and as the image of God.

Shekinah 2011: Amazing!

In this event we explored just how AMAZING God’s grace really is! We hoped to dispel the notion that we have to - or are even able to - do something to earn God’s grace. As opposed to some other things in life, God’s grace has no strings attached, it is given with no questions asked, and there is no fine print.

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