Shekinah is the Metro DC Synod youth ministry weekend event for junior high (7th and 8th grade) youth, held annually in March at the Northern Virginia 4-H Center near Front Royal, VA.

Shekinah is a Hebrew word that means that time and place when God comes to God’s people in the place where they are and feels their suffering and sorrows. One goal of the weekend is for youth to realize Shekinah in their lives.

Shekinah strives to fortify the faith of youth as we gather for a weekend of learning, fellowship, worship and service. The schedule for the weekend follows a model which includes:

  • Small Group sessions – a place to meet new people, build new relationships, process the material presented in the Large Group and E-group sessions, and explore the theme in a more intimate setting, facilitated by a Youth Ministry adult
  • Large Group sessions – times to bring us all together to build a sense of Christian community, introduce themes, speak to the entire community, make music together, worship, and have some fun
  • E(xperiential)-Groups – mid-sized sessions made up of several small groups in which youth have an opportunity to experience the event’s message in an active, participatory, and hopefully refreshing new way
  • Family Time – during which congregational groups gather to touch base with familiar faces at the end of each day.

Shekinah 2017 will be held March 17-19, 2017.