YM 10x Series

Since September 2010, we have offered three Saturday morning workshops – one in September (YM101), one in Janary (YM102), and one in April (YM103) – for adults.

These workshops are open to ALL YM adults working with, volunteering for, serving in, coordinating, directing – whatever your congregation calls it – congregational Youth Ministry programs. They are indepedent of each other; you don’t need to have attended any of the ones offered previously.

It is our hope that each workshop will enable attendees to leave engaged in new relationships, equipped with knowledge about resources and opportunities, and empowered with new ideas for Youth and Family Ministry in your congregations and our Synod in the coming year.

Information about content and registration will be sent to congregations and individuals who are on the YM email list and posted on the website.

Questions and requests for specific topics can be directed to Barbara Harner, 240-354-1999.